"Watergate Babies" refers to the Democrats first elected to the United States Congress in 1974 following President Richard Nixon's resignation over the Watergate scandal, on August 9, 1974.[1][2]

Tom Downey was the youngest among the babies -- being age 25 upon his election, which is the minimum age one can serve at. Former Senator Chris Dodd (D-Connecticut) was also elected to Congress in this election cycle. In November 1974, Democrats picked up 49 seats in the House and 5 in the Senate. This group greatly increased the strength of Northerners and liberals in the House Democratic Caucus. They teamed up with some more senior liberals to strike a blow against the seniority system and overthrew three committee chairmen whom they viewed as too conservative and/or too old to represent the Democratic Party in these prominent positions: William Poage, Wright Patman and Edward Hebert.

Five of these Watergate Babies are current members of the U.S. Congress:

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