William Messino
Born January 7, 1917
Died November 5, 2002 (age 85)
Home town Chicago, Illinois, United States
Spouse(s) Marian Messino, Victoria E. Terpening-Messino (1988 till his death)
Children Chris, William Jr. and Bridget (from Marian), Pete Basile (illegitimate son)

Willie Messino was an enforcer and adviser to top bosses in the Chicago Outfit. He was known as “Wee” Willie because of his small stature. Despite his diminutive frame, Messino had a reputation as a decidedly violent enforcer.[1]

In the 1960s he worked for Tony Accardo and Joseph Gagliano. In 1967 Messino was sent to prison after being convicted of kidnapping and beating two brothers who owed money to the mob.[2] After his release in the mid-1970s he went to work as an adviser to Marco D'Amico and then Outfit chief Jackie Cerone. He died in 2002.

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