Wilner v. NSA is a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Thomas Wilner and fifteen other lawyers who represented Guantanamo captives against the United States National Security Agency.[1][2][3]

The lawyers argued that the NSA, through its warrantless wiretap program, had violated their attorney-client privilege.[1][2][3] They referred to the January 18, 2006 lawsuit CCR v. Bush, and called the NSA's response "inadequate". They assert that while the Government had released 85 pages of documents they had withheld another 85 that the law obliged them to release.

The other lawyers participating in the suit are:

Thomas Wilner
Jonathan Hafetz
Gitanjali S. Gutierrez
Michael J. Sternhell
Jonathon Wells Dixon
Joshua Colangelo-Bryan
Brian J. Neff
Joseph Margulies
Scott S. Barker
Anne Castle
Jim Dorsey
Asmah Tareen
Richard A. Grigg
Thomas R. Johnson
George Brent Mickum IV
Charles H. Carpenter
Stephen M. Truitt

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