Zvi Aharoni (Template:Hebrew) b. February 6, 1921; Frankfurt (Oder), Germany – d. May 26, 2012; England was the Israeli Mossad agent who was instrumental in the capture of Adolf Eichmann.[1]

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Hermann Arendt (later Zvi Aharoni) was born in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. He immigrated to Palestine as a boy. After serving in the British Army, he joined the Israeli secret service and spent 20 years as a Nazi-hunter. He is the Mossad agent who identified "Ricardo Klement" as Eichmann.[2]

Aharoni flew to Buenos Aires and tracked down the family’s house in a remote neighborhood on the outskirts of town. On March 19, 1960, he spotted Eichmann. In his account of the capture, Aharoni wrote: "I saw him about two o'clock in the afternoon...a man of medium size and build, about fifty years old, with a high forehead and partially bald, collecting the washing."[3] He photographed Eichmann using a camera hidden in a bag.[4][5]

After retiring from the Mossad in the 1970s, Aharoni became a businessman in Hong Kong and China before settling in Devon, England, with his second wife Valerie, his first wife having died in 1973. At his death in 2012, aged 91, he was survived by Valerie and by a son and daughter from his previous marriage.

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